Hello everyone,

My name is Richa, I am a food blogger, I was always passionate about food, have been blogging for few years now, my passion rose to whole another level when I thought of not only sharing my recipes but also the food I prepare every day, so here from my kitchen to your 🙂

My goal is always to give a healthier twist to Indian cooking. I also have gluten free and vegan options.

Here is little about my kitchen.

  • All food is made fresh every day and cooked in olive oil and Mazzola.
  • Roti/Chapatis are always made with multigrain flour/atta.
  • Also check for roti options Gluten free, Protein rotis with tofu and Fibre rich with flax seeds & quinoa.
  • I make custom orders for kid’s birthday party/office parties or any other occasions.
  • I always use cage free non-gmo chicken. I can also provide Halal/Kosher meat if you care about that.
  • All my grocery is purchased from Costco & Sprouts except typical India grocery
  • All sweets are made with Pure Ghee unless you don’t want for health reason and I can substitute with Shortening.

I also give cooking classes for adults and kids. Please call and check the summer schedule.